The Himalayan Way Of Lie

In a 24 x 7 world, where sleep is on borrowed time and response to social environment more crucial than our health, we believe that the right nutrition can be a vital redeeming influence. And at Theo Organics, just like our honey bees, we also do not sleep. We research, explore, listen to nature and then create healthy, delicious and what we call - lifestyle balancing foods. And we do all this with a lot of help from our little winged friends flying around in the mighty Himalayas and the tenacious pahadis who care for them.
Welcome to our world of natural - Where Healthy Tastes Awesome.


Himalayan Pink Salt

Rhododendron - Bhuransh

Coconut Sugar


6,837 feet above sea level


It is the love of the land, especially the lure of the pristine Himalayan ranges of Northern India that motivated us to produce and market a range of products that echo the natural beauty and purity of the Himalayas.

Theo Organics is a journey to trace our roots back to Mother Earth.


Theo Organics Bee Pollen -superior product using it - superb wonder why others charge for more? may be, if they charge more does it mean Real or Good ???I am fully satisfied with this product ....the aroma - the taste wow.I had even tried other products imported from Spain -cannot equal thisand the packing - great- in fact can give 10 stars .

Rajashekar - Amazon Customer


Having tried out almost all the available brands of raw, unprocessed honey available in Amazon, I can say that this honey by Theo Organics is one of the best. My only concern was that the price was on the higher side when compared to other brands. Now that they have priced it competitively, I will stick to this brand unless they increase the price. Love the colour, taste and packing. Consumed 2 bottles already and placed order for 2 more

Bivash Das - Amazon Customer


Best quality of honey! The company really goes beyond and sources real organic products. Highly appreciate it. Tastes well, color is good and definitely cannot beat anyone with respect to quality. I would pay a higher price too for this kind of organic honey.

Sarah - Amazon Customer


Simply WOW!! Tastes real honey. Gorgeous packing and fragrance gives a feeling of serenity. I use it regularly for continued wellness.

Peekay - Amazon Customer