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Ginger & Turmeric Infused Honey

Product details: Savour the goodness of natural, unprocessed honey collected and bottled in the pristine environs of the mighty Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand, India. The health benefits and great taste of Ginger and Turmeric come together infused in this golden nectar of the Gods.

Flower Sources: Wild Forest Flowers.

Terroir: Produced on the slopes of the mighty Himalayas where the soil is untouched by human development, the air is pure and unpolluted.

The health benefits of Ginger and Turmeric come together in a unique blend steeped in Himalayan Honey.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, dried ginger and dried turmeric

Tasting notes: Turmeric is mildly aromatic and has scents of orange or ginger. It has a pungent, bitter flavor combined with the flavor of Ginger which is characterized by its unique combination of lemon/citrus, soapy and musty/earthy flavor notes. It is warming to taste.

Color: Dark and cloudy

Best way to use: Eat it raw or mix with lukewarm water to gain all the health benefits of this blend.