Chocolate Creamed Honey

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Theo Chocolate Creamed Honey is 100% Natural and packed with the goodness of Honey and dark Chocolate.

  • Theo Organics Chocolate Creamed Honey, 
  • Theo Raw Himalayan Honey is creamed and blended with succulent dark chocolate using a proprietary process.
  • The mix is then allowed to age to create a gourmet’s delight.
  • Enjoy as a dip or topping with desserts.
  • Drizzle over hot toast, dip a cookie or just lick the bottle clean!
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  • Chocolate Creamed Honey

     Theo Chocolate Creamed Honey is 100% Natural and packed with the goodness of Honey and dark Chocolate.

    Product details: Theo Raw Himalayan Honey is creamed using a proprietary process that requires hours and hours of laborious work. This mother lode of creamed honey is stored at an ambient temperature and several weeks later, again using a proprietary process, blended with the choicest ingredients – high in antioxidants and bursting with natural goodness. 

    Flower Sources: Forest Flowers.

    Terroir: Produced on the slopes of the mighty Himalayas where the soil is untouched by human development, the air is pure and unpolluted.

    This honey is RAW – not heated, not pasteurised, not coloured and no chemicals added. It is PURE – as nature meant it to be.

    Ingredients: Raw unprocessed Honey and 85% barrel aged couverture chocolate with natural cocoa butter

    Tasting notes: Smooth creamy texture with a very intense character. Woody cocoa bean flavor with smoky undernote.

    Color: dark brown cream

    Popular Usage: Use as a spread on toast, bagels and sandwiches. It is thicker and thus does not run like liquid honey. Can be used on muffins, breads, cookies to give it that powerful punch.

    Drip over icecream for a luxurious guilt free topping.

    Dip hot Churros for alongside a glass of milk for the perfect bed-tv snack.

    Jar Quantity: Single

    Weight/Quantity: 35 gms, 200 gms, 400gms

    Shelf life: 1 year

    Once opened: 1 year

    Storage and handling instruction: Do not refrigerate, keep tightly closed.

     Disclaimer: Being a natural, unprocessed product, expect colour and viscosity variations.

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