Theo Organics Himalayan Pink Salt 500 g

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Himalayan Pink Salt is millions of years old and is now the preferred choice in most kitchens. Unprocessed, no added chemicals and as raw as nature meant it to be, this salt is healthy and 100% natural.

Himalayan Pink salt is amongst the purest salts available for culinary and cosmetic uses. Its many hues – pink, red and white –are an indication of its rich and varying mineral and energy-rich iron content.
Regular consumption of the salt provides
Essential minerals and trace elements,
Balances electrolytes,
Increases hydration
Regulates water content both inside and outside of cells
Prevents muscle cramping
Balances ph (alkaline/acidity) and helps reduce acid reflux
Supports proper nutrient absorption

Theo Organics now brings this bounty of nature in easy to use packaging. 500 grams of premium Himalayan Pink Salt in a see-through side window pouch that is classy and functional. Give the gift of health and be remembered for life. To know more about this opportunity to co-brand the package, call or email us.